We Service & Sell Generators

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D Square Energy LLC has a large service department dedicated to maintaining and repairing your emergency standby power systems. You can count on our fleet of skilled generator experts to offer annual system maintenance or emergency repairs. So, when the power goes out, your generator system will be up and running 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

We have factory certified technicians readily available to cover all of Washington and Oregon. We can service and repair all makes and models of Power Generation Equipment.

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[dt_list_item image=””]Predictive generator maintenance[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=””]Emergencies, repairs, and services[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=””]Schedule annual system maintenance, service, and inspections[/dt_list_item]


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[dt_list_item image=””]System load testing[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=””]Remote system monitoring[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=””]Warranty management[/dt_list_item]


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Commercial & Industrial Products

Have power outages cost your business to lose customers and revenue? A standby generator can come on automatically when utility power is lost, to keep your business or facility operating!

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Residential Products

Severe winter storms and power outages are part of living in the Northwest. But, you can protect your home and family with a reliable stand-by power generator.

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We Service & Sell Generators

Our team of factory certified technicians are readily available to service and repair all makes and models of Power Generation Equipment. We can service what is in place, or build you the customized, in budget, backup system that you are looking for.

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