Home Standby Solutions

The comfort and security of stand-by power:
Residential generators in Seattle installed by D2 EnergySevere winter storms and power outages are part of living in the Northwest. But, you can protect your home and family with a reliable stand-by power generator. D Square Energy LLC installs custom-engineered generators that operate on safe natural gas or Propane and provide the electricity you need within seconds of a service interruption.

Like most people today, your home is filled with sensitive electronic devices from computers to lighting systems. Many non-utility power sources can damage or degrade home electronics due to unstable power quality and high levels of harmonic distortion. D Square Energy LLC offers a range of power generators that deliver clean, safe and stable power to meet your strict requirements. Your valuable appliances and sophisticated electronics will be protected… even while running on stand-by power.

Standby Generators for Community Wells

Residential generator installation at a Community Well in the Seattle area

Is losing water an issue for you when the power goes out? With our affordable custom automatic generator system, we can keep the taps flowing without interruption. Toilets can flush, showers can be taken, and drinking water will be available as normal. The State Department of Health even recommends standby generators to prevent water quality test failures, in those systems where distribution lines depressurize from lack of power to pumps.

From 2 house wells, to bigger municipal pump stations, we’ve engineered them all and can design just the right system for your application. Commonly, propane and diesel fueled generators are installed for extended run times.

Don’t wait until the winter to protect your home, be one step ahead of the storm!

Safety and Comfort

Whether you are at home or away, an automatic backup power system is dependable protection during unexpected outages:

  • The lights stay on
  • You stay warm
  • Food stays frozen in the freezer
  • Water pipes won’t burst
  • Security and septic systems stay operational