Gen-Tracker™ Generator Monitoring System

Generator Monitoring in SeattleWhat is Gen-Tracker™?

With a proven track record, ten years in the making, the Gen-Tracker generator monitoring system by Generator Solutions, Inc. is the industry standard for generator monitoring. Gen-Tracker provides a simple, dependable, and universal monitoring and control system for your generator at an affordable cost. This gives us the ability to provide you and your generator with the best service possible.

The Gen-Tracker system was designed for generator monitoring only. No programming or special setup is necessary. Gen-Tracker provides your generator with three ways to communicate with the Gen-Tracker data center; by phone, by Internet, or by cellular. The Gen-Tracker data center provides monitoring information to you on Gen-Tracker’s secure, password-protected website. Notifications of critical generator functions and specialty reports are provided by E-mail and/or cell phone text message.

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Benefits of Gen-Tracker


The Problem

Historically, the most common call in the generator service industry is from an irate customer that has spent thousands of dollars on a generator only to have it not work during an outage. Typically this results in a flood of calls from a number of customers in the outage area with the same issue. Causing more problems for the service provider not having enough hours in the day to get to each site and tend to the issue at each generator.


Of course each generator may have a different problem, but typically the issue first occurs during the scheduled exercise. Without Gen-Tracker you may not be aware of the missed exercise or generator fault prior to an outage. Gen-Tracker allows you to catch these problems when they occur, giving us the advantage to better schedule our time and ensure your generator will work when needed. Saving both you and us time and money.


Is there any warranty on the monitoring service?

Yes. The Gen-Tracker is warranted for 3 years on all parts, excluding the backup battery. Labor is not included.

Can I terminate my monitoring agreement?

Yes, you can terminate at the renewal date.

Will notifications be sent if the generator fails during an outage?

Yes. The Gen-Tracker monitoring system contains a backup battery to ensure reporting and connectivity.

My installation has two transfer switches. Which one do I monitor?

The Gen-Tracker can be mounted at either transfer switch. Either choose the switch with the more important loads or the switch that will be easiest to install at.

What should I monitor with the auxillary contacts?

The Gen-Tracker very accurately reports generator faults and a common fault is considered unnecessary. The auxillary contacts are reccommended for low fuel, pre-alarms, and transfer switch position.

If I choose the cellular option, do I need addictional cellular service or contract?

No. There is no additional cost for the cellular system; all costs are rolled into your annual monitoring fee.

Are your servers secured or backed up?

Yes. They are secured and backed up at the Gen-Tracker data center.